Election confidence in my opinion is one of the most important things we should endure as Americans.  if we don't have confidence, how can we trust our voices will be heard at the polls!  Though there is election fraud during every election cycle dating back to the 1800's, it has been minimal.  In more recent times, we have seen an increase of ballot harvesting.  It is a sad day when the very votes selecting a California elected official is not even admissible in court.  There has to be a chain of custody set in place to ensure each cast ballot does in fact come from who is named on the envelope.  Voter ID.... I believe voter ID is an absolute must in order to safeguard our rights and freedoms through this process.  If you need an ID to drive a car or buy alcohol, then why in the world would you not need one to vote.

          Campaign finances bring up another question.  Fund source and detailed expenditures need to be strictly adhered to.  The monies collected during a campaign, are given with the intent of financing the campaign process and not to substitute personal income for a lavish lifestyle.  There will be more accountability to make sure donations are spent on expenditures directly related to the campaign.


My home in District 3 is prominently farming communities who heavily rely on the states water system and ground water to sustain their ranches and farms.  Having to pay for regulated water on your own property is an overreach of our government and puts unnecessary financial stress on the very source that not only feeds our country, but ranks first in the United States for agricultural cash receipts at approximately $50 Billion.  It is my goal to see that the farmers and ranchers are able to utilize the water they need to grow their crops without sacrificing quality of life or quality of the finished product when it hits the table.  Farmers and Ranchers after all, are the experts in this area.  

The state’s dams store the water for cities and farms as well as produce energy. Dams make approximately 15% of California's electricity.  The last dam built in CA was in 1979, but the last dam built in District 3 was in 1976 in Lake County.  Since 1979 there had been no additional water storage built, even with the influx exceeding 15 million California residents.  This is unacceptable! 


California farmers had support from President Donald Trump, who was able to get federal officials to maximize water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and reduce it for fish and other wildlife.  That has change under the current administration and lack of representation from our district.

I believe it is time to focus on a more common sense approach to get water to the farmers and ranchers.  Statistically, 10% of our water consumption goes to citizens and homes, 40% is allocated to farmers and rancher and 50% to environmentalist projects.  Who do you think the government regulated to use less water.... Yep, our farmers and ranchers.  In some areas they have been regulated down to 5% with no cuts to anyone else.  


My fix for this would be to step out of the box and forecast future supplemental usage by desalination.  We have an abundant supply of ocean water, which if desalinated, could supply the needed water to our states farmers and ranchers.  Though this is a time consuming fix, it still does not replace updating our water reservoirs such as Sites.  The quick fix for this, is to stop sending water to the Delta to save a fish that is not even a native of our state.  If we cut the water by 30% flowing to the Delta and provide that to the farmers and ranchers, they will be able to sustain the approximately $50 billion dollar a year farming economy in CA.  


The current water crisis is a direct impact of failing to safeguard our states resources, or expand it to meet population growth.  

2nd Amendment 

I believe 100% in our right to keep and bear arms.  This amendment was not written for hunting or sporting, it was written for the people to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government.  This and the 1st amendment are the two most important rights we have.  With the current administration fabricating all of these statistics of gun related crimes and deaths to further their agenda, we know the truth.  If they continue to disarm the good law abiding citizens, only the criminals will have guns.  


I will not let this happen.  Though we depend on this right for self defense, I also hunt, which CA laws have already interfered with.  


I will fight Washington on their overbearing nonsense gun laws, so we don't become victims under a tyrannical government, as written in our 2a right.