Jason is a lifelong resident of California, born in Chico, CA in 1972.  After Jason’s father retired from the U.S. Air Force, they settled down in Colusa, CA where Jason attended elementary, middle and high school.  Shortly after high school, Jason joined the U.S. Army where he was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division as an Airborne Infantryman.  After completing one enlistment obtaining the rank of E-4 and being honorably discharged, Jason returned back to California where he later attended the police academy in 1998.  From 1998 to present day, Jason has been a police officer in this great state.  Jason has held assignments on SWAT (Over 10 years), Gang Detective, Field Training Officer, Recruitment Officer, Federal Safe Streets Task Force and Police Officer Association President.  In Jason’s current assignment, he is assigned to a Violent Crimes Team where he works as a Special Agent.

            In 2001, Jason met his beautiful wife in Truckee, CA where he worked for Truckee Police Department and she was an Engineer / Paramedic for a local fire department.  They were married in 2004.  Jason and his wife, who is now a nurse, have three great kids (14,12 and 9) and currently reside in Rocklin, CA.

            Growing up in this great state, Jason was active in the Future Farmers of America at Colusa High School and worked in rice fields or moving water irrigation pipes in walnut orchards on the East side of Colusa.  

            Jason fondly remembers camping and fishing with his older brother and father up in Hat Creek located in Shasta County or salmon and striper fishing on the Sacramento River in his hometown Colusa, CA.  As a kid in the 80’s, Jason remembers the surfer stereotype he would get labeled as by out of state visitors.  Though he loves the ocean, he is more comfortable in the mountains camping in front of a campfire.

            Even though Jason is grateful and has had a very fulfilling life, he has also experienced downfalls.  The hard times of the 2008-2009 real estate financial crunch, coupled with being furloughed by the city he worked for, forced him to make a very difficult decision.  Jason, in an attempt to save his house and provide for his family, contracted with the U.S. Department of State and spent almost three years overseas where he was assigned to the U.S. Ambassador’s Protection Detail in Baghdad, Iraq as well as working in High Threat Diplomatic Protection in Afghanistan until he returned back to law enforcement at the end of 2013.   

            Fast forward to 2017, Jason, along with a business partner started a training and consulting company.  This endeavor was much more difficult than he had imagined due to the inconsistency of information being conveyed, or hidden costs for either permits or red tape.  In the end, Jason believes there has to be an easier way to sustain and grow the very backbone of California.  Rather than make it more difficult causing businesses to decline, which creates a high unemployment, welfare, homelessness, criminal behavior, mental health issues including suicide, it should be a partnership between the state and business to help them succeed.

           Jason, is running for Congress in 2022, because he sees how broken the current system is.  From the mismanagement of our water resources, how difficult it is to start or run a business, the out of control homelessness issue, high criminal activity due to the lack of respect for law enforcement, the system failing to hold criminals accountable, and of course our flawed election system.  

            With Jason’s approximately 23 years in law enforcement investigating criminal offenses from fraud to homicides and from assaults to elder abuse, as well as being a current business owner, Jason understands how important this position is and most importantly how to bring California back by holding those accountable who infringe on our American rights.

            What we tolerate, we encourage is a quote he often uses.  How much more of the “career politicians” are we going to tolerate.  They are out of touch with reality.  As they make large amounts of money, it is us who suffer as we try to make ends meet, it is us who get cancelled when we try to voice our legitimate opinion and it is us who are productive members of society while abiding by the law only to fall victim to criminals who don’t because they know how soft the punishment is.  

            By working together on these issues, we can get businesses back up and running, create jobs, boost the economy, hold criminals accountable and get back to living a prosperous life like the American dream intended us to do.

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